Pixi’s CEO Elad Gaon

Love is The Cornerstone Marketing Strategy for 2024

If you haven’t embraced this yet, you might be putting your brand at risk! This isn’t a hippie, “Kumbaya” message — it’s a serious, professional marketing insight. As the digital landscape grows increasingly sophisticated with user persona profiling, automation, smart analytics, remarketing, and new technologies emerging every week = Ethics & the understanding the evolving […]


Steps for creating a strong Brand Community in the WEB3 space

The rise of web3, which includes blockchain technology and decentralized platforms, has the potential to impact brand communities in both the short and long term. In the short term, web3 technologies may enable brands to create more engaging and interactive experiences for their communities, such as through the use of tokenized rewards or other blockchain-based […]


Inbound-Marketing in 2 min

Inbound-Marketing is much more then just a Campaign Strategy, It’s a business state of mind. It’s all about knowing your audience & offer them real value (beside your product itself). This video will explain the basics of INBOUND, But only when we’ll talk you’ll see just how much it can effect your business. Talk with […]


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